How the draw could play out for each team at the World Cup 2018.

The draw for the 2018 World Cup has been held in the last few days. The draw was held in order to select the teams that will participate in the tournament. The teams that are participating in the World Championship are:
* Spain;
* Germany;
* Brazil;
* Russia;

* Netherlands;
The teams that have already qualified for the next round are: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland, South Africa, and USA.

The main goal of the teams is to qualify for the second round. The first round of the tournament was held with the participation of the following teams:
1. Spain;
2. Germany; and Brazil.
3. Russia.
4. Netherlands.
5. Canada.
6. Argentina.
7. Australia.
8. France.
9. Italy.
10. Mexico.
11. England.
12. Chile.
13. Peru.
14. Scotland.
15. South Africa.
16. USA.
After the draw, the teams will be divided into two groups. The top two teams in each group will advance to the next stage. The third and fourth teams will play in the play-off round.
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Results of the draw
The first round was held successfully, and the teams managed to qualify to the play off round. This is the first time that the teams have met in the second stage of the World Championships. The main goal for the teams was to qualify from the group stage.
In the second group stage, the main goal was to reach the play out round. In the playout round, the top teams will face each other. The winner will be able to advance to next stage of World Championship.
After this, the results of the second draw will be known. The results of this draw will help the teams to determine which team will be the main contender for the victory in the next tournament.
Who will win in the third and final group stage of 2018 World Championship?
The second group draw was successful for the following reasons:
ยท The teams managed not to lose points.
ยท The teams were able to make tactical changes.
This is the third time that Spain and Germany have met. The Spanish team managed to get to the third round, and Germany managed to reach this stage of play-out round. Both teams have a lot of points, and they can be considered as the main contenders for victory in next tournament, because they have already won the World Cups.
However, the German team has a lot more experience in the international arena. This experience is reflected in the results. The German team managed not only to get into the play outs, but also to qualify directly to the second play-outs.
Germany has a good chance of winning the tournament, but the Spanish team has an excellent chance of getting into the next group stage and winning the gold medals.
How the teamsโ€™ chances of winning World Championship 2018 will be determined?
In this draw, Spain and the German teams have the best chances of getting to the final tournament. This will be reflected in their results. However, the chances of the other teams will also depend on their performance in the group stages.
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What to expect from the teams in the future?
It is difficult to predict the results that will be expected from the Spanish and German teams in future matches. However we can say that the Spanish teams will have a good opportunity to qualify. The team has already won gold medals in the past World Cups, and it is possible that they will repeat this success in the new tournament. In addition, the team has the experience of winning gold medals, and this will help them to win the next World Championship successfully.
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Will the teams of the new World Championship meet in the final round?
This year, the tournament has a number of interesting matches. The new tournament has many interesting matches, which will determine the fate of the gold medal.
It has already become clear that the main competition for the gold will be between the teams from the European continent. The tournament has already been held for several years, and there are already a lot interesting confrontations.
One of the most interesting confrontation is the match between the German and Spanish teams. The last time these teams met was in the previous World Championship, when the Spanish won with a score of 3:0.
At the moment, the Spanish football team has more points than the German one. This fact will be useful for the team in the long tournament distance.
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Main results of matches
The new World Cup will begin on 14 June.

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