Panama vs Belgium Preview – FIFA World Cup 2018 Group G: 18 June, 2018

Group G of the World Cup of Football 2018 is very interesting. The teams are quite balanced and each of them has a good chance to win the tournament.
The main question of the group is the place of the Netherlands. The team of Frank de Boer has a great chance to get into the next round, but it is not the most comfortable position. The Netherlands has a serious problem with the defense. The players are not able to make a good pass and are not always in the right position to finish the attack.
Also, the team has a problem with its attack. The main players of the Dutch team are not in the best shape. This is the main reason why the team cannot get into a higher group.

The teams have a long tournament distance ahead. The first matches will decide the fate of the tournament, so it is important to study the results of previous games.
Group A
The first matches of the Group A were quite predictable. The hosts showed a good game and managed to get a good result. The Dutch team was quite stable and was able to take the first place.
However, the main surprise of the first matches was the performance of the hosts. The Spanish team has been playing in the national team for a long time and is very confident. The coach of the team, Julen Lopetegui, is a specialist in the field of football. He knows very well how to use the strengths of the opponent.
In the first match, the hosts showed an excellent game. They managed to score several goals and were quite confident. However, the Spanish team was not able not to lose points.
At the end of the match, it was clear that the hosts had a good understanding with the opponents. The game was not easy, but the Spanish players managed to achieve a positive result.
Results of the First Match
The match of the Spanish national team was held at the Estadio Azahar. The match was held against the Netherlands and the hosts won with a score of 1:0.
It was clear from the start that the Spanish side was not in a good mood. The previous match was quite successful and the players were confident.
During the match with the Netherlands, the players showed a lack of motivation. The Portuguese coach of Spain, Diego Simeone, tried to change the mood of the players, but they did not want to play.
This is another evidence that the team is not in good shape.
After the first half, the Netherlands started to show its best game. The home team was very confident and managed not to concede any goals.
One of the main problems of the national squad is the lack of a good goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the Amsterdam club, Thibaut Courtois, is not able at the moment to play in the most difficult matches.
Despite the fact that the Dutch goalkeeper was not at his best, the match ended in a draw. The Spaniards managed to break the Dutch defense and score several times.
As a result, the Dutch were unable to achieve the desired result. However they did it in a very convincing manner.
Next Match
It is now important to wait for the next match. The next match will be a very important one for the team. The national team needs to show a good performance in order to get the maximum number of points. The current results of the Portuguese team are quite disappointing.
They lost the first game against the Czech Republic and did not show a convincing game.
There is still time for the Portuguese to get back to the first position. However the team needs a good start in order not to fall behind the Czechs.
All the latest results of all the matches can be found on the website of sports statistics.
Team’s Prospects in Second Half of the Tournament
The national team has several problems. The most obvious one is the goalkeeper. Thibaut is not at the best form and is not capable of playing in difficult matches, especially against the best teams.
Another problem is the defense of the squad. The problem is that the players do not always have the right positions to finish a pass.
These are the main reasons why the Portuguese have a very good chance of getting into the playoffs.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. The data are updated in real time and are available to all users.
Live Results of All Matches
The team has two matches ahead. It is important for the players to show their best game in order for the national to be confident in the next matches. The last match of this group was quite important for them.
Thanks to the live score, it is easy to follow the match and learn the results. The matches of this tournament are always interesting and unpredictable.
Main Difficulties of the Team
The Dutch team is the most confident team in the tournament and it is the only one that can win the whole tournament. The problems of this team are the following:
1. Lack of motivation of the leaders. The leaders are not confident in playing in matches against the strongest teams. They are not ready to show the maximum of their capabilities.
2. Weak defense.
3. Lack a good striker.
4. Weak bench.
5. Inability to play at the most important matches.

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